Used Pews & Church Furniture

This section is provided to help your church find used church pews and accessories at good value.  When you find appropriate listings here you should contact the person at a church listed below or call Anthony Horton at 800-828-8140.

The following may have used pews or chairs available.  Please contact them directly.

Used Pews Available from a Church
Following Pews are Available

Heflin Church of God, Heflin, AL
26 pews total 20 at 14'-0" and 6 at 7'-0". 
Contact Billy Kennedy at 205-753-1895.

Used Pews Available from a Church
Following Pews are Available

Cedar Grove Baptist Church, Grovetown, GA.
Pews are a couple of different lengths and you may call Pastor David Colvin for exact dimensions.  There are also 23 folding benches
in the choir lofts with configuration of 3 x 6 and 1 x 5.
Contact: Rev. Colvin at 706-495-2317
or Kenneth Bussy at 803-359-8635


Used Pews Available from a Church
Following Pews are Available

3 pews at 8'-0" and 30 pews at 11'-0". 
Contact Anthony Horton at 800-828-8140.


Used Pew Chairs Available From A Church
We have 1000 of these chairs for sale.
They are in good condition.
Will take $20.00 per chair plus delivery.
Contact Jamey Jones or Anthony Horton
Phone 800-828-8140.


Communion Table for sale $300.00 as is.
Contact Angie Hamilton 1-800-828-8140


Altar Rail with communion cup holder 10’ 0” Long for $950.00 as is.
Contact Angie Hamilton 1-800-828-8140

Used Church Furniture Available
Contact: Angie Hamilton for used furniture listed here.

Used F-702 table sold as is $575.00 pick up at plant.

In Stock 1 Used Gothic Table.
$600.00 picked up here at the plant.

Used 101 pulpit with cross on front and door in rear.
Priced to be picked up here at plant $679.00


Used Pews Available

Pews for Sale
Used pews for sale
contact Anthony Horton
Phone (800) 828-8140 for details.



Used Pews Available
Used Pews for Sale by a Church
REDUCED CHURCH PEWS (40 each - 10’ pews),
white with blue cushions, will not separate,
REDUCED PRICE from $8,000 to $5,000
or very best reasonable offer. 40 pews total.
GREAT PRICE!,  All are in excellent condition.
To inquire contact Preston with Colorado Springs Fellowship Church
at E-mail  or (719) 597-8800



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