Used Pews & Church Furniture
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This section is provided to help your church find used church pews and accessories at good value.  When you find appropriate listings here you should contact the person at a church listed below or call Anthony Horton at 800-828-8140.

The following may have used pews or chairs available.  Please contact them directly.

Used Church Pews Available
3 Used pews, 15’ long, $50 each
Call Angie


Used Church Pews Available
22 @ 13’-0”, 2 @ 10’-0”
Pews are located in Trussville AL
Call Mark at 205-365-5409


Used Church Chairs Available
Used “2 person” Purple Fabric Chairs, $50.00 each
You can join them together if needed.
Call Angie Hamilton, 1-800-828-8140

Purple 2 seat chair

Used Church Rails Available
Used 2 person Kneeling rail with purple fabric.
These can be joined to be longer.  $10.00 each
Call Angie Hamilton, 1-800-828-8140


Used Pews Available
Pews for Sale
10 pews at 10’-6”, 1 pew at 8’-0”
Please call Angie 1-800-828-8140

Used Flower Stand Available
Flower Stand for Sale
Used Used Flower Stand F-706
Sold as is $75.00
Call Angie Hamilton, 1-800-828-8140


Pulpit Chair Available
New Pulpit chair no arms to be painted
white and stained to color we have in stock.
Fabric will be added from in stock choice.
21” W x 21” D x 45” T, $150.00
Call Angie Hamilton, 1-800-828-8140


Table (Used and has circles on top)
21” W x 48” L x 30” H PRICE REDUCED TO $200.00 sold as is.
Contact Angie Hamilton 1-800-828-8140


Altar Rail with communion cup holder 10’ 0” Long for $950.00 as is.
Contact Angie Hamilton 1-800-828-8140


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