Used Pews & Church Furniture
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This section is provided to help your church find used church pews and accessories at good value.  When you find appropriate listings here you should contact the person at a church listed below or call Anthony Horton at 800-828-8140.

The following may have used pews or chairs available.  Please contact them directly.


Used Church Pews For Sale

8 pews at 10’-0”, 2 pews at 11’-0” and 10 pews at 14’-0”.  Contact Aaron Murphree at 205-288-7049.

Used Church Pews For Sale

18 pews at 12'-0".
Contact Stephen Todd at 256-706-3446.

Used Church Pews For Sale

Used Pews for Sale - contact:
Tim Stewart 404-569-8020 Frankie Stewart 404-569-0439.
8 pews at 10’-0” and 36 pews at 12’-0”
Located in Lawrenceville, GA

Used Church Pews Available

South Pittsburg, TN. 
3 pews at 8’-0” and 14 pews at 14’-0” for sale. 

Contact  Alex Pullim 423-280-6296


Used Church Items Available
"Used communion cup hole" $5.00 each plus shipping"
Light Color is Sold Out, Dark Stain is still available (6 3/8"long)
Call Angie at 1-800-828-8140


Used Church Pews Available
3 Used pews, 15’ long, $50 each
Call Angie


Used Church Chairs Available
Used “2 person” Purple Fabric Chairs, $50.00 each
You can join them together if needed.
(We have over 50 of these chairs left and some have torn fabric
on them from being used.  Call if you wish to inquire more about them.)
Call Angie Hamilton, 1-800-828-8140

Purple 2 seat chair

Used Flower Stand Available
Flower Stand for Sale
Used Used Flower Stand F-706
Sold as is $200.00
Call Angie Hamilton, 1-800-828-8140


Pulpit Chair Available
New Pulpit chair no arms to be painted
white and stained to color we have in stock.
Fabric will be added from in stock choice.
21” W x 21” D x 45” T, $300.00
Call Angie Hamilton, 1-800-828-8140


Table (Used and has circles on top)
21” W x 48” L x 30” H PRICE REDUCED TO $200.00 sold as is.
Contact Angie Hamilton 1-800-828-8140


Used F-113 Screen For Sale
Each section is different in size
1 @ 7'8" Panel on one end and joint on other end
1 @ 65" end joint and no end
1 @ 51" Panel and no end
1 @ 30" end joint and no end
$300.00 as is for all
Angie Hamilton 1-800-828-8140



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